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  • Significant Accomplishments: High school financial literacy course requirement for graduation; K-12 financial literacy standards; Financial Literacy webpage


The Financial Literacy Ohio Learning Standards also include standards for Grades K-12. They are divided into K-3, 4-6, middle grades, and high school bands. “These newly revised and created financial literacy standards help schools understand the essential financial literacy concepts and skills they must teach their students for success in life after high school.” These financial literacy standards help ensure instruction in K-12 curriculum.

The Ohio Department of Education also has a Financial Literacy webpage which “provides information to support educators teaching financial literacy starting in kindergarten and concluding with a high school course that districts may use to teach financial literacy as part of Ohio’s graduation requirements.”

In 2021 Ohio passed SB 1, which requires a ½ credit personal finance course for graduation for all students who enter ninth grade on or after July 1, 2022. Beginning with the 2024-25 school year, this bill requires that an educator must have a license validation in financial literacy to provide instruction in financial literacy in high school, but specifies that teachers who are licensed in social studies, family and consumer sciences, or business education can teach financial literacy without earning the additional validation.

Ohio receives an “A” for ensuring financial literacy instruction in kindergarten through 12th grade through its grade-specific financial literacy standards and financial literacy instruction in a required high school course.

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